My name is Indrė and I’m a handler. My carrier is not very long in cynology world (since 2007 years), but I’m working a lot to improve my skills. My comprehension about dogs, dogs shows, handling, grooming and etc. starts when I started to go to cynology shool. I went there for free years (since I was to graduated school and I left my hometown for bigger dreams – veterinary studies). But studies didn’t stop me from dogs shows, and I worked in every dogs shows in Lithuania and sometimes in other countries. Most of the time I work with dogs, but sometimes you can see me working in the rings as judges assistant or secretary. I also tried to participate every seminar I can, I was in seminars of Viktoras Avtiushka and Gerard Oshey, also seminars prepared by Junior handler club of Lithuania.

I’m proud that my carrier in handlers competition was successful and I was nominated advanced 2010 years junior handler in group over 18 years (It was my 3rd and at the same time the last years in this competitions).

I’m very grateful to my handling teacher Beruta Simėnienė for care, knowledge and for a lot of help when I was taking first steps in dogs shows world. To my parents for all suspport and to true friends who supports me and making dog shows fun. See you in the future shows. 🙂

Some photos from my carrier: 😉