Hello dog lovers!


11728804_1082264688452084_4611863159787408804_oEntuziastas is a small family kennel in Lithuania. It all started when we brought Goldis to our home (2007-10-14). Since then, dogs became our most favorite hobby: walk with dogs, training with dogs, going to shows with dogs and etc. So, we called our kennel Entusiastas (eng. enthusiast) because we and our dogs do all thease things with love and passion – enthusiasm!
We have two breeds in our kennel: faviconirish setters which lives with me
and faviconzwergshnauzers which lives with my mom.
Our dogs well trained, sportive and healthy. They cycling together, swimming together, they traveling together, they are part of our life. We love, care and proud of our dogs, because they are more than a dogs!